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Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark attends 2024 APGN Geopark Development Forum

来源:本网 发表日期:2024-05-23 10:05:19

The 2024 Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN) Geopark Development Forum was held in Hong Kong from May 13 to 18. The forum was co-organized by Hong Kong UGGp and Chinese Geoparks Network, with more than 40 representatives from geoparks in China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines attending. Among them, two delegates  represented the Danxiashan UGGp.

The forum provided an invaluable platform for sharing management experiences and addressing challenges faced by geoparks, with a focus on  collaboration with commercial organizations to promote the development of Geopark in terms of environment, education, and sustainable development. Discussions also centered around "How to garner support from the government and non-governmental organizations for the development of Geopark", "How to enhance the management and planning of Geopark" and "How to organize effective and innovative science popularization activities". These topics were explored through roundtable discussions, presentations, field trips, and interactions with relevant individuals.


During the roundtable discussion, Danxiashan UGGp representatives shared insights into their management structure and planning systems, highlighting their successful cultivation of science popularization brands and the innovation of science popularization activities.  They showcased remarkable creations such as the flying chess, field trip passport, and Geopark scenery notebook. These cultural offerings were developed as part of the science popularization brand activity “The World Earth Day and Asia-Pacific Geoparks Week” , a collaborative effort involving 45 UGGps and aspiring UGGps in China. The impressive display attracted the attention and admiration of all participants.




Celebrating the 20thanniversary of the establishment of the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) in 2024,  Danxiashan UGGp proudly reflect on the significant progress achieved over the past two decades. Its efforts in heritage protection, scientific research, education and sustainable tourism activities, etc. have yielded remarkable results. In the future, Danxiashan UGGp will continue to promote the development of a famous mountain of science and the establishment of China National Park. Through these endeavors, Danxiashan UGGp aims to share its captivating story and show the brilliance of Chinese wisdom to the world.