Danxiashan World Heritage
Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark

Overview of Danxiashan

Danxiashan: China’s Red Stone Park

Danxiashan is located in the northeastern suburb of Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, covering a total area of 292 km2. It is an outstanding representative of low-altitude mountain scenic spot in China. Honored with China National Park, National Nature Reserve and National AAAAA Tourist Attractions, Danxiashan was appraised and selected by the UNESCO as one of the first Global Geoparks on February 13, 2004. On August 1, 2010, Danxiashan and other five Danxia Landform areas in China were listed in the World Heritage List as “China Danxia”.


Danxia landform is a unique type of physiognomy featuring precipitous continental red beds. Danxiashan is characterized by red walls and red cliffs and the place where the term of “Danxia landform” is given. With the nature of typicality, representativity, diversity and irreplacebility, Danxiashan embodied in its research works highly exhaustive and in-depth field studies on the strata, structures, landform development and environmental implications of this special landform..  This has become a national and even worldwide base for academic research, science popularization, tourism and teaching practices. Within this geopark, there are more than 600 geomorphologic landscapes, represented by stone peaks of various sizes, stone castles, stone walls and pillars, displaying themselves as large number of peaks erecting as stone forests of high density, in picturesque disorder or special and unique in shapes and  unique wonders of nature. As a matter of fact, it very much resembles a garden of ruby sculpture and therefore is called ‘Redstone Park of China’ which is famous for its ‘grand, precipitous, wonderful and graceful’ sceneries, extraordinarily refined and distinctive style. Therefore Danxiashan has been proven to be a treasure of nature.


Danxiashan is composed of Danxia, Shaoshi, Bazhai, Feihuashui, Xianrenji Scenic Areas as well as Jinjiang and Zhenjiang Scenic zones. Zhanglaofeng, Yangyuanshi (Male Stone) and Xianglonghu Lake of the Danxia Scenic Area have already been opened to tourists. Jinjiang and Shaoshi Scenic Areas are developed mainly for sightseeing and at the same time integrating science popularization, scientific survey, rock-climbing, exploration and tourism.